Food Diary – What I eat in a day?

I felt like taking photos of my meals for a day and decided to make it a blog post, so here it is! I’m still on a sick leave, so my life is not as hectic as usual and I don’t eat as much as I do when I’m working. I’ve also been gaining a little weight this year and decided to be more aware of my eating habits. I used to have a very strict diet around the year when I was training for body fitness competitions and living in that little fitness bubble. It has been quite hard to let go but boy it feels good to be free from those restrictions inside my head!

So, I’m not vegan. I grew up in the middle of nowhere where my family (and basically everyone) was hunting and fishing. And I still think those are good hobbies and I honor that down to earth lifestyle they have there. It’s not about shooting animals. It’s way more ethical to eat game than industrial meat. I used to eat lots of chicken and beef, but nowadays I’ve started eating more plant-based food. I can still eat meat if I go somewhere and it’s served, and I think everyone should make their own decisions and listen what their body’s feels good about.

I’m going to start two different trainings this autumn: wellness coach and nutrition coach. I’ll write more about these later when everything’s official and so on, but holy f*ck I’m excited!! That being said, this food diary is not an example how you should eat. Definitely not. It’s just what I ate yesterday and that’s it.


I usually eat a smoothie bowl for breakfast. If I have an early morning shift though, I don’t wanna wake up my neighbors and I eat something else, like overnight oats or porridge. I made this smoothie a bit more fluid because I drank it at the beach from a shaker bottle. I put all kinds of random stuff in my smoothies, but the things that do not change are bananas, berries and protein powder (this time I used whey). This smoothie also had some premium maca powder, mango, cocoa nibs and greek yogurt.


For lunch I fried zucchini in a pan and threw in the leftovers of the previous day, mixed bean salsa and red lentils with feta cheese. I topped the serving with fresh basil and parmesan cheese.

I also had some dessert. There’s no ice cream like this Finnish ice cream called 3 Friends (3 Kaveria in Finnish). This flavour was their vegan toasted almonds & tosca sauce, which is made with a cashew base. Also, sugar is reduced by >30%. Awesome match with some fresh raspberries.


Can I call porridge as a dinner!? I can and I will. Organic oatmeal, cottage cheese, frozen berries and cashew nuts. I had a couple of long walks and an ashtanga practice yesterday so I decided to eat one more banana and some watermelon as a dessert. I peed like crazy last night, so this was not the best idea I’ve ever had.

I usually have more meals when I’m not on a sick leave, and try to listen what my body has to say. Sometimes I’m just not hungry, some days I feel hungry all the time. But anyways, that’s it and now I’m going for a walk on the beach, it’s so sunny and warm outside. Hope all is well with you ❤


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