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Whether it’s about stepping on your yoga mat daily, eating healthy or finding the courage to quit your job and taking a step into the unknown, you need to find your inspiration and motivation somewhere. Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere without even thinking about it but sometimes you really need to seek for it. And when you find your inspiration, you have to get motivated to make things happen.

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I guess most of the people in developed countries know that empty feeling inside, something’s missing but you’re not sure what it is. You have a nice home, a good job, friends, family, you afford eating well and you have some hobbies. Sometimes it can be too scary to even think what you really want from your life because those things might feel so unachievable that you don’t even wanna dream about them. And this is exactly the place where I’ve always been – thinking of realistic goals and normal life, accepting the fact that my life’s not gonna be an awesome adventure. Trying to remind myself all the time that not everybody can just travel the world and somebody has to do the work over here. I mean, I think I have a meaningful job as a nurse and I do get satisfaction from helping other people. But if I’m truly deeply honest for myself, that’s not what I wanna do for the rest of my life. It’s a hard job and makes me so tired.

So what would I do if I could do anything in this world? Let’s see. The first word coming to my mind is travel. But in some way or another I would also love to help people and Mother Earth, ’cause environment has always been an important topic for me. Yesterday I was listening to my new favorite podcast Travel to Zero and I found this awesome website called Dollar Street, which I’m going to write more about later, and I was literally crying when reading the stories and seeing the pictures of the poorest families. I was thinking wow, if I could do anything, I would do that kind of stuff.

Photo by Milan Rout from Pexels

Obviously our goals and dreams aren’t always the same. You might decide to go backpacking for a year and after a couple of months you realize that I really wanna go home, this isn’t for me. You might wanna be a doctor and after working a while/decades you notice that you don’t wanna be busy and stressed all the time, you don’t wanna tell your patients everyday that you don’t have time to listen. I used to compete in body fitness (=figure in the US) competitions and I thought I’d found my happiness from strict diets and sculpting my body. Right now I feel that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. So goals change and that’s how it goes. But if you know that you’re unhappy and have that empty feeling inside all the time, and you know what you’d what but there are things that stop you from reaching your dreams – you should just start working towards them!

I think Instagram is definitely not the best place to find motivation. I actually stopped using IG actively a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t even decide anything, I just didn’t open the app for a day or so and started to think that why the hell am I even using this shit. It’s not reality and I don’t miss anything important in this life if I’m not using it. And I feel so much less anxious now! Especially if you’re trying to find motivation for yoga from IG and find yourself hurting your back trying to do those crazy back bends no-one should do without practicing it in a correct way. Don’t kill yourself by doing asanas! That’s not the purpose of yoga. I find the best motivation for yoga from my own yoga mat. Just lay your mat on the floor and step on it, you’ll learn to know what your body needs.

Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky from Pexels

But the other things – finding your place in this world. These little things, you know?! There’s a lot of blogs listing places to see and things to do in different destinations and this and that and so on. A lot of that stuff is bullshit, so it’s kinda hard to know what blogs to follow, what podcasts to listen, who to follow on YouTube… I haven’t really done that stuff for a while. I used to watch some make-up videos from YouTube and read fitness blogs, but nope, not into that stuff anymore. Here’s some channels that has really inspired and motivated me to reach for my dreams:

  • Zero To Travel – awesome, inspiring podcast which helps to find ways to travel, no matter what’s your situation in life.
  • Nomadic Matt – he has written a lot of guide books for budget travelers and the website has a LOT of useful information. If you’re a solo female traveler or wanna become one, but you feel a bit scared that you’re gonna get assaulted, read the tips for solo female travelers!
  • The Broke Backpacker – If you haven’t already got your free copy of his backpacking bible, you should! It’s called How to Travel the World on $10 a Day and it’s amazing.
  • Living On A One Way – she’s energetic, she’s cute, she’s cool, she’s outspoken. And she has a funny sister and a gorgeous boyfriend. That’s all we need. But she actually has some pretty great tips for travelers too.
  • Yoga Girl – there’s a lovely vibe in her podcasts and her story about leaving home at very young age and moving to Costa Rica all alone (and broke) was very inspiring for me. And I’m 33 so not that young anymore, but still.
  • The Budget Minded Traveler – a lot of inspiring stuff when you’re thinking that I’m too poor to travel the world. Her podcast is actually called JUMP with Traveling Jackie and it’s definitely worth listening.
  • Minimalism – A Documentary About The Important Things. So this is a documentary you can find on Netflix (and some other places, click the link if you’re interested). It has some annoying moments where I started to think that okay, they’re just advertising their company here, but the main idea of this is awesome. It makes you think about your life in a deeper level and that’s always a good thing.

I know there’s so much more to see, listen and read but here’s a good list if you’re in the beginning of your journey to become a world traveler. Where do you find your inspiration and motivation?


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